Here are some frequently asked questions!


Tow Tower may be purchased direct at TowTower.com

Shipping within the United States is $250. For all other locations, please contact TowTower for a quote.

Tow Tower should be installed by a trusted mechanic at the sole discretion of the purchaser/user.

Tow Tower expands the selection of vehicles that you can take on your journey i.e. Front Wheel Drive and removes the need to hassle with a trailer or dolly.

Tow Tower simplifies the hook up process for towing your vehicle.

Tow Tower allows for you to back up while still having the vehicle connected.

Tow Tower gives you an easier way to take a variety of vehicles with you.  Simply order a separate frame.

Yes you can have your Tow Tower unit shipped directly to your installer. Simply enter in the shipping name and address of your installer when ordering your unit.

Tow Tower allows you the flexibility to tow a larger variety of vehicles. The towing process has never been simpler.

There is no need to remove body elements, i.e. bumpers, grills, etc. for conventional towing hookup’s causing costly service work and holes to be cut in the bumper or grill.  Simply attach the baseplate to the unibody construction of the vehicle you would like to tow and you are ready to start enjoying the journey.

Auxiliary braking systems are required in most states and should always be used when towing a vehicle behind your motorhome. We recommend you chose the type of braking system that best suits your needs and your vehicle.

Tow Tower works with most Front Wheel Drive vehicles and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles that are compatible with flat towing.

We suggest using a wireless lighting option such as Towmate.com or Blazer LED Round Wireless Towing Light Kit as seen on our Products page.

Tow Tower is very easy to hook up and begin towing.

Ratchet straps are not required to tow your vehicle with Tow Tower. You will only need to secure your safety cables.

Tow Tower can stay conveniently in the motorhome receiver when not in use.

You can cautiously and slowly back up with your vehicle still attached to Tow Tower.  It will act similar to a trailer while backing up.

Tow Tower is comprised of two pieces, the Tower and the tongue which attaches to the baseplate under your vehicle.

Tower is approximately 128lbs

The tongue is approximately 22lbs

Tow Tower potentially has functionality beyond towing a vehicle behind an RV. Tow Tower could be used for hauling trailers, moving equipment and much more.

*Before using Tow Tower to lift or haul, be sure to properly calculate the GVWR against the tongue weight.  Tow Tower makes no claims.

Tow Tower has been rigorously tested by engineers and approved for material ware, strength and durability as well as field tested on the road for thousands of miles.  You can be confident that Tow Tower is the best product to safely get your vehicle to the destination.

Tow Tower is powder coated to provide the product a finished look.

Tow Tower is proudly manufactured in Nashville, TN.

Many questions about Tow Tower are available on our FAQ page.  If your question is not answered on the FAQ page, you can simply complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Tow Tower has simplified the way a vehicle can be towed. There is no need to purchase a dolly or trailer to take along the vehicle you would rather have with you on your trip.  No to mention the hassle of the straps and space to store the dolly or trailer.

There is no need for expensive modifications and holes to be cut into the grill of your vehicle and the messy …

Tow Tower makes towing EASY!  With Tow Tower you can hook up and get on the road quickly, and best of all Tow Tower stays right in your motor home hitch receiver. Take a variety of vehicles with you on different trips(separate baseplate required)

The baseplate for each vehicle will need to be custom fabricated to accept the Tow Tower tongue which is shipped with your Tow Tower unit. Please reference the installation instructions which are located in your packaging.

Click here for T-Joint Installation Instructions

T-Joint Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

T-Joint Installation Instructions