• RV Hitch Size in Inches
  • Height of Hitch (Level ground to bottom of Hitch in In.)
  • RV Tongue Weight in lbs.
  • Car VIN (17 Characters)
  • Car Drive Type (Fwd, Rwd, 4x4, etc.)
  • Car Front and Rear Axle Weight (Found on label inside door jamb)
  • Wheelbase (Center of front wheel to center of rear wheel in In.)
  • Measurement from center of front wheel to front of bumper in In.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Vehicle towed MUST be Front Wheel Drive or 4X4 with NEUTRAL
  • RV Hitch-Ground length MUST be greater than 18 in.
  • Calculated Tongue Weight cannot exceed towing capacity

How to calculate Tongue Weight:

    Locate RV data plate usually located in door jam.
    On the plate some manufacturers will indicate GTWR
    This is the number you need.

    If this number is not listed use the following formula:
    GVWR minus the weight of RV including luggage,
    fluids, and passengers. The number you get from
    this calculation is approximately 10% of
    the GVWR.


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