About us

A new way to tow almost any vehicle without a dolly.


If you’ve struggled in the past with trying to use a dolly, or have been frustrated…

“There must be an easier way!!!”

We started RV’ing and decided to not tow a vehicle but rent one at our destination. It didn’t take long to figure out that it wasn’t very convenient to find a vehicle all the time. As many do, we realized that our very comfortable, everyday vehicle at the house was not able to be towed which began the search for a vehicle that was going to be our tow car.

We settled on a Cadillac XT5 and were told we could tow it four wheels down only to find out that it had to be towed two wheels up. The next step was buying a tow dolly. First of all, I have had some health issues that made it a little more difficult physically. I say that to emphasize the tow dolly as the most physical of all the ways to tow a vehicle. It also was hard to find a place to store at home and on the road. It was also difficult to put the car on the dolly and strap it down. Once on the dolly, I would have to get under the car to install the safety pin and cotter pin. Installing the straps was not too bad but a very dirty job not to mention the always terrible ratchet. The actual towing of the car did not always go easy. Making tight turns caused the car to skip sideways thru the turns. After using the Tow Tower I can say this is the easiest and safest way to tow a vehicle. It hooks up easily, it lifts quickly and with no more effort than a flip of the switch and it trails behind the RV without any swaying or sliding. It can also be used to back up if in a jam. Try it you’ll love it!


The Tow Tower is the brainchild of an RV enthusiast who faced his own headaches when hitching up a personal vehicle for towing behind an RV and who wanted to ease the process for both himself and RV owner friends.


TowTower slides easily into the hitch receiver of the motorhome and locks into place with a pin. The second part of the mechanism is a base plate that is bolted onto the underside of the unibody frame of the vehicle being towed. Slide the extension into the base plate, lower the TowTower with a toggle switch, drive the vehicle forward and connect the vehicles.


Dolly towing has been a cumbersome method for many years and the TowTower streamlines most every facet of the process. The product saves the need to find a place to store a dolly and straps, since it offers the ability to leave the lift into the hitch receiver of the motorhome during travel. It also eliminates the need to crawl on the ground.